• The Kit n' Kaboodle of Online Cloud Storage & Sync

    KaboodleBox is the affordable all-in-one online cloud storage solution. Protect all of your files, sync them between all your devices, share with friends and family and access them from anywhere online.
  • Unlimited Online Backup

    Never lose a precious photo or file again. Fast, secure, easy-to-use and instant setup!          Piece-of-mind for under $5 /month.
  • Your Files, Everywhere You Go

    Work seamlessly between devices with unbelievable sync storage. Our solutions start at a massive 500 GB. Access your files from any device.
  • Mobile Applications Support

    Access your files using any of your mobile devices. Stream multimedia, view your documents, upload photos and more!
  • Stream Your Music, Photos, Movies & Videos

    Stream your music, videos and photos from anywhere with an internet connection. Truly wireless freedom.
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What Is KaboodleBox?

KaboodleBox is a service that allows users to back up and store files online. Unlike local storage options like physical hard-drives, USB sticks and external hard-drives, cloud storage operates on highly-scalable infrastructure, which gives users more options in terms of storage space, accessibility, security and the ability to retrieve stored files when needed. It is a service of convenience and peace-of-mind that gives users new ways to work with their files, as well as the security of never losing a file again. And the best part is that it is all automatic and works in the background.


Automatic Backup. Safe & Secure.
Online backup is the only offsite, automatic, safe and secure method for protecting your data. Imagine losing your collection of photos or important documents. Almost 50% of people have experienced loss of important files or photos. Files that are backed up are kept in the cloud ready to be retrieved when needed. If anything happens, you can retrieve your stored files from any computer and quickly resume your work. Never lose a file again. Now THAT is piece of mind!


Your Files, Wherever You Are.
More and more people now have multiple devices that they use to access their files. KaboodleBox Sync is a service that allows all your devices to see the same files from wherever you are, meaning you always see the latest version on all your devices. No matter where you are in the world, you can access the files in your cloud storage. No more USB sticks, or email yourself files. Let the automatic KaboodleBox Sync software do all the hard work for you. This gives our users more freedom and allows for increased productivity.


21-Day Money Back Guarantee
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